What Is Clean and Social?

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What Is Clean and Social?

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A Little Bit About Us

Along with all the tools needed to remain sober day to day, Clean and Social helps you build a circle of clean and sober friends and/or find the special person who truly understands you.

Living sober can be a difficult and daunting path to choose, however the sober life is indeed life-changing and rewarding. Clean and Social encourages anyone from all walks of life who are looking to learn more about being clean as well as those who’s already taken the steps or are clean already to become a part of our community.

Clean and Social is the original social connection organization for the 27 million strong recovery community. Even the word recovery is insufficient because it means “to regain what was lost”. Clean and Social exists to support those of us who wish to create lives that far surpass what we’ve experienced up until now. We didn’t survive, we were reborn. We’re not in remission, we are on a mission. Sober living by living sober.

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"The opposite of addiction is not Sobriety,
the opposite of addiction is connection"

~ Johann Hari, TED talk

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