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About Clean and Social

Clean and Social® was founded in 2017, by Thom Deem, in Santa Monica, CA. After years of frustration about the difficulty in creating a social life in the often anonymous world of sobriety, Thom decided to do something about it, and Clean and Social was born.

Along with all the tools needed to remain sober day to day, Clean and Social helps you build a circle of clean and sober friends and/or find the special person who truly understands you.

We built Clean and Social for you.

We painstakingly researched ways to, not only maintain sobriety but to bring together all of the pieces necessary to establish a rich and vivid social experience that is more textured, has more depth, and provides more adventure than the one we left behind.

Clean and Social is the original social connection organization for the 27 million strong recovery community. Even the word recovery is insufficient because it means “to regain what was lost”. Clean and Social exists to support those of us who wish to create lives that far surpass what we’ve experienced up until now. We didn’t survive, we were reborn. We’re not in remission, we are on a mission.

So, together, let us learn, grow, and Thrive.

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