verb - to saturate with water

What’s this? Why would I keep track of how much water I drink?

How about because it’s the most reparative substance in the universe.

Water conducts the electricity that keeps us sharp and aware; it flushes the toxins out of our organs and returns elasticity to our precious skin, the largest organ in our bodies. Supple skin defends the body from infection and supplies vitamin D which allows our bodies to absorb calcium efficiently so that our teeth and bones last 100 years.

The benefits are almost infinite. Every living organism in the known universe is made primarily of water and needs a continuous supply of it to survive.


Even mild dehydration begins a chain reaction that leaves every cell in your body functioning at a deficit.

So yes, there is still one substance we can drink to change the way we feel. This one, however, is life giving rather than soul devouring.

P.s. it can diminish cravings for many addictive substances quickly and noticeably.

Okay, tell me how this Waterlog can help me.

Like anything, developing good hydration habits will require that you set goals and measure progress.

How much keeps me running like a fine-tuned machine?

There are many schools of thought. The simplest and most prevalent is to divide your body weight by two and take that number in ounces as your goal.

  • If you weigh 200 lbs., drink 100 ounces/day.
  • If you weigh 120 lbs., drink 60 ounces/day

For more details, here’s an interesting article – click here

If you presently drink only 20 ounces/day that number can feel daunting. Consistency is more important than quantity- especially while you are forming the habit.

Try setting your goal 10 ounces above what you drink now and increase it by another 10 ounces each week. By the end of a month you will be on you way to feeling better and looking years younger. Start today. If you forget for a day or two; start again, and again, and then again. When you hit your goal, post it to encourage others. Eventually it will be as natural as breathing.

Here’s to your health!

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